London Rathayatra

Chariots with crowds

Central London Rathayatra 2016 – Sunday 17th July.

Date: Sunday 17th July 2016


  • 48th London Rathayatra is Sunday 17th July.
  • Assemble at Hyde Park, South Carriage Drive 11.30am
  • Procession departs 12 noon
  • Arrives at Trafalgar Square 2.30pm
  • Festival in Trafalgar Square until 5.00pm

Festival Features:

  • London Festival in Trafalgar Square after the processionIntroductory talks about Krishna consciousness.
  • Hare Krishna bhajans to drums and cymbals.
  • Experience maha-mantra meditation – tasters.
  • Transcendental books and music.
  • Temple of the Vedic Planetarium display.
  • Spiritual ‘Questions and Answers’ with devotees of Krishna.
  • Vegetarian ‘prasadam’ feast for all – served free of charge.

Dearest Reader,

Hare Krishna! Everyone is welcome to Rathayatra.

Route Map

The procession assembles just inside Hyde Park – 500 yards west of Hyde Park Corner.

You will clearly spot the three colourful carts as you approach. There are three or four kirtan – singing and instrument – sections, each with dancers.

Tip: You can pull the ropes on the cart but please follow the instructions of stewards and staff.

The cart leaves Hyde Park promptly at mid-day and arrives at Trafalgar Square around 2.30pm.

Tip: Bring a bottle of water to refresh yourself along the way.

This can feel like a long journey on a hot day and a OAP van is provided at the rear of the procession for the infirm.

Before start of procession the horse guards parade past the chariots

Make it for the start if you can…

If you can, please come and enjoy the start of the procession before the Deities arrive.

At Rathayatra the Deities come out of the temple for one day. They freely distribute Their loving glances to anyone and everyone They see.

Wherever the Lord appears He is accompanied by His beloved devotees and friends.

If you are also there then you will surely benefit eternally.

Thank you very much for reading.

Look forward to seeing you at the festival!

Jaya Jagannatha Swami! Jaya Baladeva! Jaya Subhadra!

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