Sri Panca-tattva

Sri Panca-tattva

Opportunities are plentiful to take part in the Lord’s devotional service at Rathayatra.

Many devotees of Lord Jagannatha step forward and sponsor an aspect or feature of the festival.

All the Rathayatra festivals are run by teams of committed volunteers. Each of them giving time and service to the event.

London Rathayatra has around 280 volunteers involved and costs around £60,000 to run.

If you would like to sponsor an element of London Rathayatra please contact us and someone will arrange to assist you in your service.

How much is it to sponsor?

Different aspects of the festival are sponsored at different amounts.

For example:

Bhagavad-gita distribution
£1o8 sponsors 30 books

Jagannatha’s ratha cart
£5,000 sponsors the cart, decorations and offerings/puja

Deities outfits
£2,500 sponsors the new outfits for Jagannatha, Balarama and Subhadra.

If you would like to help in a practical way, either as a donor or as a volunteer please let us know via email to info@rathayatra.co.uk.


Send your sponsorship to:

ISKCON Rathayatra
1 Watford Road,